Elegant Lock & Key Project

elegant lock and key project

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When I met Shawn, he looked too young to open a business. A young man from Brooklyn that learned all his locksmith skills in Buffalo, NY. 

A year and a half ago

As mentioned, Shawn was working as a locksmith with many locksmith dispatchers and businesses and served the greater Buffalo area with great lock & key services. Back then, he was confused about opening a business and brand and market the new company.

“Let’s start a new locksmith business.”

That is what I told him. He was excited, and we sat down to search for a place with lower competition. We spent a couple of hours until we have found Scranton, PA, as our new destination for our locksmith business.

Now that we have a location, now what?

Our next step was to purchase a domain. We didn’t want it to be something like mobilelocksmithscranton.com or any other URL that mentions Scranton in it. We thought that in the future, we would be able to expand the business service areas even more than Scranton, PA.

So we have purchased Elegant Lock & Key (www.elegantlockandkey.com). 

Yay! We have a domain; now what?

A year and a half ago (you can check it on the way back machine), we put “locksmith in Scranton” on the page and leave it alone for a year to give Google the time to index it properly. 

Branding a locksmith company process

elegant lock and key projectSix months ago, Shawn decided to start with the next step, which is branding. Elegant – It sounds like James Bond 007 or at least a bow tie. We’ve been messing around with the logo about 3-4 times until we came up with an idea. A loveable, funny character. The primary colors will be yellow and black (like power tools).

We’ve downloaded the character from DepositPhotos.com and manipulate the character according to our brand vision.


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