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Nicloe R@Australia
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"We were very pleased with the website that MGM team built for us. They made everything easy from the get go. Thank you so much!"
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"Our website was pretty old and needed a facelift. MGM had great ideas and the result was amazing. I highly recommend to all of my friends to use them!"
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"MGM introduced us to the Woocommerce world. And ever since, our business revenue has significantly increased by 38%. Thank You!"
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"I have been using MGM for the past 3 years. Their SEO strategy provides my company between 40-50 service calls a month. I appreciate their hard work."

SEO that really works is much more than links.

When approaching the craft of website SEO, it is important to first start researching – getting to know the product or service of the business, getting to know the potential customers of the business, and of course, getting to know and analyze the competitors of the site in Google.

After understanding what we want to sell and to whom we want to sell it, we approach the work of building the strategy.

4 Reasons to Do Organic SEO Through Media Group Marketing:

  • Extensive experience with Google SEO of hundreds of websites (over 600) in USA Google, including the most competitive areas in the country
  • We will not take on a project that we are not sure we can bring significant results to
  • Full transparency – simple reports with no stories and no unnecessary embellishments
  • We’ve been doing Google SEO for over 15 years.

4 Reasons to Do Organic SEO Through Media Group Marketing:

  • Extensive experience with Google SEO of hundreds of websites (over 600) in USA Google, including the most competitive areas in the country
  • We will not take on a project that we are not sure we can bring significant results to
  • Full transparency – simple reports with no stories and no unnecessary embellishments
  • We’ve been doing Google SEO for over 10 years

 Organic SEO the right way

  1. Comprehensive and user-focused keyword research

After we get to know you and your product well, we will conduct comprehensive keyword research to find all the phrases that your potential customers are searching for on Google. Once we are done with the research, you will receive a file that contains everything that is important to know – search volumes, level of competitiveness, current location, and more …

  1. Competitive research in Google

We will use advanced paid tools to gain insights about your main competitors in Google, the phrases that traffic brings them and their promotion methods so that we can create a promotion strategy that will support the goals you have set for yourself.

Building a promotion strategy 6 months ahead

After deciding together on the phrases that need to be promoted on Google, understanding what your competitors are doing, and setting goals, we will build an action plan for you 6 months ahead so you know exactly what we intend to do in the next six months.

  1. Performing over 200 technical tests

Our technical team will perform over 200 manual and automated tests that simulate Google’s bots, using advanced tools, and we will locate all the technical problems on the website. We will then create a report for you with all the problems, instructions on how to fix them, and prioritize the importance of each problem we found.

  1. Continuous optimization for landing pages, articles and other content on the website

Optimization for titles and meta tags, detailed briefs for writing quality content, optimization, for product pages and categories (on trade websites), optimization of images and videos on the website, improving URL structure and setting a hierarchy, creating internal links to strengthen pages and strengthening the hierarchy and improving motivation for action.

  1. Create quality content every month

In most areas where we want to advance in Google, we will probably have to show Google that we know what we are talking about and that we talk about it a lot. Simply – to produce good content, which suits the target audience of the website, and with a frequency that suits the niche in which we promote.

  1. Network reputation management and link building

Monitoring and creating reviews from satisfied customers in Google My Business and Google Maps, adding the website to quality indexes, monitoring brand mentions across the web, creating quality links from other websites in similar or tangent areas, and creating inbound links through our large amount of websites.

Our specializations in SEO

SEO of trading/sales websites

Organic SEO that focuses on expressions with a high purchase intent on the part of the user, improving the conversion rate on your website, and accurate analytics tracking. Our goal is your goal – to bring you more sales through organic traffic from Google.

SEO for major websites

Professional SEO on Google that will focus on increasing traffic from Google News, regular search results, and Google Discover. When we promote particularly large websites, the emphasis is placed on making horizontal improvements to the site, updating keyword research, and more.

SEO of image and company websites

We will promote the phrases that will bring you more leads and phone calls, and we will not waste time on those that will not bring you, customers. Our word research will focus on the searches that your prospects are looking for and our content plan will persist in the content that your target audience wants to consume.

Consulting, risk management, and accompaniment in upgrading a website and building a new website

From the sketches to the rise of your new website – we will make sure that the website will be 100% ready for organic promotion in Google and we will play on your mistakes that will cost you a lot later. The service is accompanied by detailed technical documents, working with the construction company or the development team, and performing risk management in the case of upgrading an existing website.

Suppressing negative results in Google

Suppressing the negative mentions in Google about your name or brand, maintaining brand cleanliness, protecting customer abandonment, and improving public image. If something bad has been written about you and it appears in Google – we can get rid of it.

Technical Audit – Website SEO expert review

We will analyze, test, and crawl your website using hundreds of different tests to identify glitches and vulnerabilities in the organic promotion. We will prioritize all the faults we found according to the order of importance, and we will explain why it is important to deal with every problem we found. In the end, you will know what is important to fix, what can wait, and what hinders the organic promotion of your website.

Questions and answers about Google SEO

SEO is not a quick process, but that does not mean that you cannot see results in a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes a few fixes and your website leaps. Because each phrase has its own level of competitiveness in Google, there are phrases that will go up to the first page of Google within a few months and there are very competitive phrases that will require even a year or more of constant SEO.

Our recommendation – Include in your promotion strategy expressions for long-term promotion but also expressions for a short-term promotion

It, of course, depends on what you define as desired results and goals you have set for yourself, but as a general rule, it is advisable to examine the achievements in website promotion after 5-7 months of activity and make sure there is a clear trend of increase in important phrases.

You are inundated with offers from different SEO companies, and on paper, all the promotion companies look the same. Before you choose the SEO company that has the role of your most important digital asset, we recommend that you perform a number of important tests:

  • Search for the company name and claims on Google, a company with a lot of dissatisfied customers will also be sued quite a bit
  • Ask for examples of clients who have been promoted in areas that are similar to yours
  • Make sure the agency has proven experience in promoting websites of your type and has done so successfully in the past
  • Ask for recommendations from satisfied customers, preferably from your field
  • Ask how many staff members will work on your website and how experienced what kind of experience they have
  • Request samples of the monthly reports sent to customers
  • Ask about the SLA of the SEO service

Ultimately, you want to trust your supplier. Be sure to work with an SEO company that has a track record of reliability, success, and fulfillment of its commitments to its clients.

  • Because you are tired of amateur SEO Companies rubbing against you
  • Because you demand transparency from your SEO company, and you are tired of asking “what did you do this month?”
  • Because you want to enjoy the accumulated experience and knowledge that come with 24 years of successful and proven SEO activity
  • Because you want more than just an SEO service, you want a partner
  • Call us to hear more or read a little about us and our team of digital marketing experts.

In most cases, yes.

SEO is a high demand for Google. If your customers are looking for phrases related to your product or service, you have a lot to gain from being there when they search for it.

SEO is not for market education, so in the few cases where customers are simply not on Google, we recommend investing your effort and resources in alternative digital marketing channels like sponsored ads on Google or Facebook.

It depends. Website promotion price is determined according to several parameters:

  • The field in which the site operates and its position in the field
  • The strength of your brand
  • The locations and goals you want to achieve
  • Your current situation on Google
  • Website Promotion History
  • The states where you want to promote the site

Call us for advice and a price that will reflect your goals or read the full explanation on setting a price for website SEO.

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