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Nicloe R
Nicloe R@Australia
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"We were very pleased with the website that MGM team built for us. They made everything easy from the get go. Thank you so much!"
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Ryan B@Califronia
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"Our website was pretty old and needed a facelift. MGM had great ideas and the result was amazing. I highly recommend to all of my friends to use them!"
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Sarah L@NYC
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"MGM introduced us to the Woocommerce world. And ever since, our business revenue has significantly increased by 38%. Thank You!"
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"I have been using MGM for the past 3 years. Their SEO strategy provides my company between 40-50 service calls a month. I appreciate their hard work."

Web analytics services that analyze customers behavior

Getting into consumers minds

Analyze, understand and know what consumers are doing

More sales and more leads

Improving the functionality of the website

Testing the effectiveness of sponsored campaigns

Analyze, learn and get the most out of the surfers’ behavior

If you could choose super-capability, it would surely be the ability to see into your website. What do consumers read? Where do they linger? Are  your publications doing the job and what makes consumers abandon before the payment stage? Or in short – what needs to be improved to lead the consumer to do the right action for us? The Web Analytics service is actually the X-ray of your website, and examines the behavior of the consumers from the moment they enter the site until the moment they leave it. This information is worth no less than gold and from it processes can be improved to increase profits.

  • When are measurement services needed?
  • When you want to increase sales and leads and improve their quality
  • When looking to improve conversion rates and find out why customers are “abandoning cart”
  • When running advertising campaigns and want to test their effectiveness accurately

What can’t be measured, can’t be managed

This sentence was said by Peter Drucker, the father of modern management theory, and we have no choice but to agree. We summarize the large amount of information accumulated on your website in a detailed and in-depth report, from which you can derive a work plan for improving your website in a variety of aspects – website quality and loading speed, content quality, “broken” website pages and more. Tailored to the messages and target audience, which will lead to increased sales and quality leads.

  • Checking the correctness of the assimilation of the analytics and Tag Manager on the website.
  • Conversion ratio improvement service
  • Build custom reports in your analytics.
  • Build dashboards designed for a comprehensive and broad look at the things that are important to you from the website.
  • Special implementations on websites such as Google Tag Manager, Enhance Ecommerce and more.

Image and content websites also have a purpose. Contacting, leaving details on the form, achieving high exposure time, clicking on links, sharing articles and information on social networks, and more. Any website that has a definite end goal, can avail of this wonderful service.

What information can you provide to me?

  • Buttons and banners that users click on your website.
  • Files that users download from your website.
  • Links that users click on in your website.
  • The difference between the web surfing characteristics of web surfers who come from different sources.
  • Which areas on the website contribute to achieving our goals and which harm achieving them.
  • Which parts of the website do users focus on and what part do they ignore.
  • The different types of devices and computers when browsing the website.
  • Possibility to monitor targeted audiences – age ranges, sex of surfers, living areas, and more.

We offer a Web Analytics service by high-level analysts and produce a detailed report, through which you can identify the weaknesses and strengths of your website and understand how to pave the way for a website that does the work for you. Later, we can offer you to address the weaknesses we identified. Assists and advice on formulating recommendations for improving the website’s achievements and conducts various experiments in order to test achievements.

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