This year you are going to meet your goals.

Professional web design & website SEO is what we do.

This year you are going to meet your goals.

Professional web design & website SEO is what we do.

SEO company with proven success

In our 23 years of activity in website SEO and Internet marketing in the United States, we have worked with brands and websites of all kinds, encountered all possible problems, and accumulated comprehensive, in-depth, and unparalleled knowledge.

With us, you will find a professional and smart service based on fine human capital, uncompromising professionalism, a professional and skilled team, and lots and lots of experience and knowledge accumulated over years of success.

We are always learning, we are always researching, we are the serious ones of the world of SEO.

Our Latest Projects

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Search Engine Optimization

Nicloe R
Nicloe R@Australia
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"We were very pleased with the website that MGM team built for us. They made everything easy from the get go. Thank you so much!"
Ryan B
Ryan B@Califronia
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"Our website was pretty old and needed a facelift. MGM had great ideas and the result was amazing. I highly recommend to all of my friends to use them!"
Sarah L
Sarah L@NYC
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"MGM introduced us to the Woocommerce world. And ever since, our business revenue has significantly increased by 38%. Thank You!"
Yuri K
Yuri K@Denver
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"I have been using MGM for the past 3 years. Their SEO strategy provides my company between 40-50 service calls a month. I appreciate their hard work."

Search Engine Optimization

Professional SEO that will bring you to the top of Google search results. Our SEO service is specially tailored for companies, businesses and brands that want to occupy the top positions in the various search engines.

Suppressing negative results in Google

Suppressing the negative mentions in Google about your name or brand, maintaining brand cleanliness, protecting customer abandonment, and improving public image. If something bad has been written about you and it appears in Google – we can get rid of it.

Home Check - A comprehensive SEO check for a website

We will analyze, test, and scanning your website using hundreds of different tests to identify glitches and vulnerabilities in the organic promotion. We will prioritize all the faults we found for you according to an order of importance, and we will explain why it is important to address every problem we found. In the end – you will know what is important to fix, what can wait, and what hinders the organic SEO of your website.

SEO support for websites in the process of upgrading or building

From the sketches to the rise of your new website – we will make sure that the website will be 100% ready for organic SEO in Google and we will protect you from future mistakes that may cost you a lot later. The service is accompanied by detailed technical documents, working with our graphic web designer or the development team, and performing risk management if it is an upgrade of an existing website.

Want to meet your goals this year?

Analytics and improving conversion rates

Improving conversion rate (CRO)

We will find the leaks in your panel, run experiments and improve your conversion rate on the website

Advanced Analytics Implements

Characterization of complex implementations, panels and advanced e-commerce tracking definition in Analytics

Consulting, training and coaching for organizations

Seminars and workshops for digital teams, promotion consulting for large websites and other solutions for large organizations

Advertising and managing sponsored campaigns

Manage campaigns in Google Ads

Advertising management and setting up campaigns on the Google search network, the Display Network, the affiliate networks, and YouTube

Managing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Likes? Lol.

We will set up social campaigns that will bring you sales and leads.

Amazon Advertising

Get ahead of your competitors and start selling products on Amazon – to customers in the United States and around the world

Native advertising

Exposure and lead campaigns in Outbrain and Taboola, to your website or to articles across the web.

More leads, more calls, more sales from your campaigns

Digital marketing news from our blog

Updates, guides and hot news on everything related to website promotion, Google and digital marketing directly from our blog

Media Group Marketing

Let’s turn the light on in your online business!