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Nicloe R
Nicloe R@Australia
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"We were very pleased with the website that MGM team built for us. They made everything easy from the get go. Thank you so much!"
Ryan B
Ryan B@Califronia
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"Our website was pretty old and needed a facelift. MGM had great ideas and the result was amazing. I highly recommend to all of my friends to use them!"
Sarah L
Sarah L@NYC
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"MGM introduced us to the Woocommerce world. And ever since, our business revenue has significantly increased by 38%. Thank You!"
Yuri K
Yuri K@Denver
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"I have been using MGM for the past 3 years. Their SEO strategy provides my company between 40-50 service calls a month. I appreciate their hard work."

Creating exposure to a quality target audience

  • Exposing your brand on big content sites
  • Creating quality inquiries from relevant surfers
  • Quality and professional content articles
  • Low cost relative to PR reporter

Advertising in OUTBRAIN and TABOOLA – what does it mean?

Outbrain and Taboola are platforms that combine marketing articles on major content sites in Israel under the tabs “More in the headlines”, “Maybe it will interest you too” or “Other articles that may interest you”.

The articles are located among the content articles of the main website (for example, on CBS News, NBC and FOX websites), and are worded as marketing articles under the guise of neutral articles, attracting readers to continue their interest, clicking on the links within the article and leaving details.

For this reason, the web surfers who leave details are hot surfers who have read the content and want to know more.

How the work process is done with us

  • Building a strategy and choosing a topic for SEO
  • Writing professional content for articles
  • Uploading content on the relevant platform
  • Campaign management and creating A / B testing
  • Receiving quality inquiries
  • Performance measurement and ongoing optimization
  • Businesses and companies that want to get exposure
  • Businesses and companies that want to receive quality inquiries
  • Businesses and companies that are willing to invest a budget for advertising on a unique platform

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