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Nicloe R
Nicloe R@Australia
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"We were very pleased with the website that MGM team built for us. They made everything easy from the get go. Thank you so much!"
Ryan B
Ryan B@Califronia
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"Our website was pretty old and needed a facelift. MGM had great ideas and the result was amazing. I highly recommend to all of my friends to use them!"
Sarah L
Sarah L@NYC
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"MGM introduced us to the Woocommerce world. And ever since, our business revenue has significantly increased by 38%. Thank You!"
Yuri K
Yuri K@Denver
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"I have been using MGM for the past 3 years. Their SEO strategy provides my company between 40-50 service calls a month. I appreciate their hard work."

Sponsored Campaigns. Google campaigns that work better.

Where can I advertise on Google?

  • Google Display Network
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Ads
  • Video ads on Youtube

Why advertise on Google ads?

Control (link to about us page)

Full control over advertising budgets – You have full control over your monthly budget

Payment for relevant visitors (link to about us page)

You will only pay if someone clicked and came to your site, did not click? You will not pay!

Targeted advertising to the target audience

Your ads will be exposed to people who have actually searched for your product/service

Immediate results – here and now!

The great advantage of sponsored advertising over organic promotion is that the results are obtained immediately without having to wait whole months

Account Performance Analysis

The ability to analyze the performance of your campaigns in order to maximize profits, and invest the money in what really works!

No website required

Unlike organic promotion where the site is needed, sponsored promotion does not require the site but only a landing page for the purpose of generating leads

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