MGM's Team

Sabina J.

Sales & Marketing

Sabina is working for MGM since 2019. She’s the best salesperson in our company and would do the best to help you.

Michel H.

Sales & Marketing

Michel has been working for Media Group Marketing from 2020. He is a great sales men and nice to his customers!

_0005_Adam J2

Adam J.

Sales & Marketing

Adam was one of the greatest salesmen we had, and he could calm down any customer from being mad to being happy.

tuly cohen

Tuly C.

Web designer

Tuly is our best designer he is very creative, and is a master when it comes to Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Pro.

_0004_Alice V2

Alice V.

Web Designer

Alice made great and creative websites. He has a great personality and loves to help.

_0003_Emma T2

Emma T.

Web Designer

Emma was always a great web designer. She was able to take on any project and complete it on time.

_0002_Jacob M2

Jacob M.

Web Developer

Jacob was a great web developer. He always completed his projects on time and to the highest standards. All his clients were always happy with him and his work.

_0001_Mark G2

Mark G.

Web Developer

Mark is an excellent web developer. He knows all the latest technologies and is always up-to-date on the latest trends. He also has a lot of experience and is very knowledgeable.

_0000_Sophia O2

Sophia O.


Sophia is an excellent social media marketer! She knows how to use all the different platforms to reach her target market, and she always delivers great results. Sophia is an excellent social media marketer!

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